• Our evolving team

    Forming -> Storming -> Norming -> Performing

    Paz Mardones

    Digital Transformation Support

    Guillermo Alvarado

    Agile Coach

    Matías Carrasco

    Lean enterprises / Agile Coach

    Monica Agredo

    Agile Coach

    Rosalinda Muñoz

    Agile Coach

    Windy Cadena

    Procesos Administrativos

    Daniela Yonusg

    Agile Coach

    Edu Duarte

    Agile & Lean practitioner

    Heileen Gonzalez

    Agile Coach

  • Our core values

    This is what we are made of


    Our obligation to take responsibility for the decisions we make and those we do not make, the actions we take and those that we do not, and the consequences that result.


    We show consideration for ourselves, others and the resources that were given to us, including: people, money, reputation, safety of other people and natural or environmental resources.


    We make decisions and act impartially and objectively. Our conduct does not present personal interests in conflict, prejudice or favoritism.


    Our obligation is to understand the truth and act with sincerity, both in terms of our communications and our behavior.

  • Do you want to be part of our team?

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Santiago de Chile