• Our services

    Through our knowledge and experience in the application of Lean – Agile methodologies, we aim to shift our client’s way of thinking towards a more adaptable and efficient development process that helps create products people love, and teams that love building products.


    Our mission is to form lean organizations and agile teams that contribute to business sustainability and growth.


    We accompany you

    We learn and understand organizational environments so that in this way we can accompany the people and teams in the organizations to reach significant goals en their process of personal and professional growth.


    We train and certify

    We have the experience and the capacities for giving courses, talks and training activities according to the needs of our clients


    Our focus is:

    • SAFe 4.5
    • Lean-Agile
    • Organizational culture
    • Agile metrics
    • Management 3.0

    Test Automation / QA Engineering

    We automate and teach to automate

    In our team of professionals we have specialists that help our clients to consolidate their QA processes within their Agile teams, by using,

    training and giving support in the use of Automation tests tools, and the Automation process itself.

  • Banco Crédito Inversiones

    We support the Digital Transformation process of the credit and investment bank.


    Agile Thinking Training, TDD and Test Automation

    Grupo Bupa

    Digital Transformation and Lean Thinking

    Coopeuch Lab

    We support Digital Transformation by coaching agile projects.


    We are part of the Digital Transformation team


    We support the agile transformation in Chile, working in the strategy and implementation of agile teams.

  • Time for change

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